Programming HCCP-P (Harman Certified Control Professional - Programming)

Solid programming is the foundation of a control system that is reliable, scalable, and easy to maintain. Reynoldson Control has been writing code for 20+ years now, the foundation runs deep.

We believe in beautiful code that is readable, properly styled, and well commented. Functionality is broken up into include files and modules. All modules will be snapi compliant and modules that need to extend snapi will be well documented.

In the event that we have to implement proprietary modules or duet drivers (where the source code is not available to us), we'll provide the runtime tko or jar file and any associated documentation.

With all of the code written over the years, we've identified patterns in the AV software environment that are often needed.We've turned these patterns into a framework which has been well tested over the years. This allows us to speed up development time and lets you share in the solid foundation. We call this framework rcLIB.

Who owns the source code ? Well you do of course. We distribute the code we write under the MIT license. We understand that you need the source code so that you can maintain your systems. We retain the right to reuse our framework, rcLIB, on other projects. Everyone wins!

Chad Reynoldson
Sample NetLinx workspace

GUI Design

TPDesign pages and popups

The user experience is one of the most important aspects of a control system. It not only ensures easy-to-use technology for customers but is also a critical piece for a reliable system. Through careful collaboration with our customers, we create the most suitable user interface for their needs.

Our GUI design services include the TPDesign5 development for the newest G5 panels, as well as TPDesign4 development for the older G4 panels. We create user interfaces that are pragmatic and based upon proven and reliable workflows for the AV industry. At the customers request, we can work with a graphics designer to create a complete custom look for your enterprise solutions.

All of the panels that we create come with the following features:

  • Bar graph countdown timers for on/off delays.
  • Power sequence implements user notifications so they know to wait.
  • Editable presets for speed dial or channel number and name.
  • Independent touch panel operation with pagetracking as needed.
  • Thoughtful page and popup naming schemes for better readability.
  • Standard button, level, and keyboard assignments that match up with rcLIB.

System DesignHCCP-D (Harman Certified Control Professional - Design)

A properly designed system is a reliable system. Reynoldson Control design services include the finer details of laying out the control system, device numbering, configuring the settings, assisting with IP, and the architecture of large scale ‘master to master’ systems.

With our knowledge and experience, we design control systems that feature fail-safe measures in the event of unexpected problems. We can help define a control system that can expand into the future or is budget concious and needs to be lean.

Every system that we program will come with documentation. You use this documentation to wire up the control system as defined. We will even provide additional documentation to help you commission the system.

Sample system design

RMS ServicesHCCP-M (Harman Certified Control Professional - Management)

Sample RMS layout

Is your system RMS compliant? Did you write your code with the "RMS hooks" in mind? Are you confused by assets, metadata, parameters, control methods, source usage?

When creating a new system, you should always consider RMS to be added at some point in the future. RMS has always been a leader in the educational market. With the addition of mass firmware upgrades, it is now more prevalent in the commercial market as well. If RMS wasn't sold with this project, there's a good chance that it will be added soon.

It is far easier to add RMS to a system that is built for it from the ground up. All of our projects are written with that in mind. Rest assured that we've got RMS covered!

We speak RMS and we can help you speak it too.

Chad Reynoldson

Onsite CommissioningHCCP-C (Harman Certified Control Professional - Commissioning)

Our services don’t stop once the development is done. We can provide on-site services to commission a system. This means we will come to the job site and verify proper communication with all devices, do a complete operational check of the system, make modifications requested by the customer and provide customer training.

When we come onsite, you can rest assured that the system will be in working order.

Onsite commissioning

Module Development

Netlinx function list

We break up development into device drivers then add value with custom business logic. We have the experience to assist your programming team to divide and conquer as well. We can provide them quality device drivers. That frees them up to concentrate on the business needs of the application.


Picture of me

Hi, I am Chad Reynoldson, a freelance control systems programmer. I had most recently worked at AMX Corporation from September 1996 through November 2005 in the Professional Services Group. I began as an entry level programmer and worked my way up to principal programmer. My friend Rob Ward and I actually wrote the very first netlinx program.

I had received an associates degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from SECC Milford way back in 1989. After leaving college, I took on a few jobs that moved me from entry level installer, to service technician, to drafting, to AV design, and finally to programming.

With each career step, I would take continuing education courses to sharpen my skills. Over the years, I've taken on AutoCAD I and II, C and VB, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, and many AV manufacturers training. I have a new fascination with web applications and am looking to leverage that new passion with AV.

When I left AMX, we moved back home to be closer to our families. Lincoln is a great place to raise children and if you're a Husker fan, this is where it's at!

When not programming control systems or learning about web apps, I enjoy family time with my wife and two daughters, playing golf, running, and a passion for my Huskers.


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