Hello World

This is the typical hello world that all programmers generate many times throughout their career. This is the culmination of hard work learning more about hexo, nodejs, npm, bootstrap, and github. That hard work results in a tool that generates this website - Reynoldson Control.

Why hexo?

  • Never again get burned by the loss of a CMS database.
  • Never again jump through hoops that the usual CMS requires.
  • No more waiting for database queries on a shared server.
  • Hey, I’m a developer. This can be fun and I can add a tool to my belt.
  • Write in markdown and generate html, sign me up!
  • I get to work with nodejs and npm.

Why bootstrap?

  • A website needs to be responsive and work on mobile devices.
  • It is more than just a grid system, it is a beautiful framework!
  • It comes with a grid, css, components, and plugins.
  • It allows me to continue to sharpen a skill that I enjoy.

Why github?

  • I can host this site for free!
  • Clone, write, deploy, commit!
  • I can separate a repository that generates a site from the actual site, whoah!
  • Github is social and let’s be honest I need the company.
  • I get to learn git.